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*** Notice ***
The next NECPS meeting will be held at the greenhouse located at the Rhode Island Veterans home in beautiful Bristol Rhode Island on August 21st at 1230 P.M.

They do not have a lot of chairs so if you have a lawn chair and want to bring it that would be helpful. This is a nursing home, restrooms are located in the building and a master gardener member will have to escort you into the building and a mask is required even if you are vaccinated, if you need to use the restroom.

John Twomey will talk about the history of the Veterans Home, the original home, the new home and how the greenhouse came to be. He will also have some type of powerpoint on the construction if people are interested. Subsequently, our president Dave Sackett will present the history of the NECPS.

The address for the R.I. Veterans Home is:
480 Metacom Ave. Bristol R.I.
*** Notice ***

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