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Date Event Leader Venue Confirmed?
09/18/2021NECPS show 2021 planningAll NECPS membersTHBGYes
10/02-03/2021The NECPS Annual ShowAll NECPS membersTHBGYes
11/06/2021The genus PinguiculaProf. Mike GrazianoBriggsYes
12/18/2021Holiday Party and Yankee SwapAll NECPS membersBriggsYes
01/15/2022Nepenthes cutting workshopDave SackettBriggsYes
02/19/2022Discussion on how we manage growing space. Short presentations wanted from members!All NECPS membersBriggsYes
03/19/2022Making an Easy Genlisea rhisophyll Display and grow contestEmmi KurosawaBriggsYes
04/16/2022Visiting greenhouse at Rhode Island Veterans HomeJohn TwomeyRhode Island Veterans HomeYes
05/21/2022Visit to the UCONN Biodiversity GreenhouseMatt OpelUCONNYes
06/18/2022Visit to the NY Botanical GardenAll NECPS membersNYBGNo
JulyBog building workshopSteve BranchaudRolling Hills NurseryNo
08/20/2022Cephalotus follicularis cultivation and propagationAlexei Ten and Emmi KurosawaSeven ArrowsNo
09/17/2022Show discussionAll NECPS membersTHBGYes
10/01-02/2022ShowAll NECPS membersTHBGYes
11/19/2022Bring your proud CPs! Show and Tell by the NECPS members!All NECPS membersBriggsYes
12/17/2022Holiday Party and Yankee SwapAll NECPS membersBriggsYes

All meetings, unless otherwise specified, are from 12:30 to 2:30

Members are welcome to bring plants to sell or trade at any event. 10% of sales will be owed to the NECPS as dues.

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