July 21, 2017
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New England Carnivorous Plant Society


"The mission of the New England Carnivorous Plant Society shall be to share, to gain knowledge of, and to achieve expertise in all phases of growing, education, appreciation, and conservation of carnivorous plants in both culture and in native habitats."

It's Coming!
- The 14th Annual Fall Carnivorous Plant Show -

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NECPS Bog Walk Rescheduled for July 22 - May 28, 2017 by Webmaster
The June 10th Bog Walk has been cancelled: Due to the extreme volume of rain we have been getting recently, the boardwalk at Ponkapoag bog is flooded and inaccessible.

Mike Stiffler has offered to host the bog walk in July, when, hopefully, it should be a little drier, and he's hosting a barbecue and the silent auction after!

Ponkapoag Bog Walk July 22, 9:00 AM: Meet at Ponkapoag Golf Course parking lot, 2167 Washington St., Canton, MA.

The boardwalk gets slippery, so wear your sturdy boots. Bring bug spray, drinking water and sunscreen.

You will see a number of species at Ponkapoag Bog, including S. purpurea, D. rotundifolia, D. intermedia, U. inflata, U. purpurea, U. intermedia, U. gibba, U. radiata, and U. macrorhyza.

Our next regular meeting will be on  August 12 for Show planning and discussion.

Call for Presentations/Presentation Guide - Jul 02, 2017 by Webmaster
Don Gallant Has published the Call for Presentations and the Presentation Guide for our 14th Annual NECPS Carnivorous Plant Show.

If you are giving a presnation, Tower Hill will need this information as soon as possibe. Now, there is no reason for last minute changes!


Tower Hill Terrarium Show - Jun 03, 2017 by Webmaster
Tower Hill Terrarium Show Nov 11 -12

Few details are available at this time. Volunteers are needed as are terrariums.

Emmi Kurosawa watercolors to be featured at Wild Waters - May 07, 2017 by Webmaster
Emmi Kurosawa will have several watercolor paintings featured at Wild Waters: New England’s Freshwater Wetlands, showing.

Got News? - Oct 23, 2016 by Webmaster
Have an idea for a presentation or demonstration? If there is a meeting or other event that the NECPS will be participating in, or some other carnivorous plant related news item that you would like to share? Please forward the information to the webmaster so that it can be included here

Has your email address changed? Have you been missing our newsletter? You can update your email address or other contact information by visiting the Contact page.

Membership Dues were payable at or before the January meeting.

Vending Opportunities - Jul 04, 2017 by Webmaster
Our 14th Annual NECPS Carnivorous Plant Show is scheduled to run September 9-10 at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Anyone who desires to set up as a show vendor this year,  this is your oppurtunity!  Please bear in mind that you must be a current member of the NECPS and that 10% of your final sales are due in cash or check to the  NECPS at the end of the show.

Please contact Emmi KurosawaDiscuss

John Twomey at last months bog building class - Apr 02, 2017 by Webmaster

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