June 15, 2021
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NECPS Library

If you would like to take out an item from the library please review the NECPS Library Policy below and then contact the NECPS Librarian using the Contact Form including the title that you are interested in.


Updated: May 21, 2018
TitleMediaAuthorDonated by
Lost Worlds 2 DVD setDVDRedfern Natural History Productions LimitedJohn Phlllip Jr.
Carnivorous Plants of the WorldBookJames and Patricia PietropaoloShaun Montminy
Gardening with CarnivoresBookNick RomanowskiShaun Montminy
Growing Carnivorous PlantsBookBarry A. RiceShaun Montminy
Cryptozoo CrewMagazineAllan Gross & Jerry CarrDave Sackett
Pitcher Plants of the Americas (softcover)BookStewart McPhersonShaun Montminy
Pitcher Plants of the Americas (hardcover)BookStewart McPhersonJohn Phlllip Jr.
The Nature and Properties of SoilsBookNyle C. BradyBob Rafka
ICPS Newsletters, multipleMagazineRandom AuthorsShaun Montminy
Venus Flytraps, Bladderworts, and Other Wild and Amazing Plants BookMonica Halpen, National Geographic Science Chapters Black Jungle
ICPS Newsletters, Apr 1972 - Dec 2006CDRandom AuthorsDon Gallant
Little Shop of HorrorsDVDWarner Home VideoShaun Montminy
The Curious World of Carnivorous PlantsBookWilhelm Barthlott, Stefan PorembskiBlack Jungle
Death TrapDVDNatureShaun Montminy
Hungry Plants (grades 2-3)Kids BookMary Batten, Step into ReadingBlack Jungle
Hungry Plants (grades 2-3)Kids BookMary Batten, Step into ReadingBlack Jungle
Glistening CarnivoresBookStewart McPhersonStewart McPherson
The Savage GardenBookPeter D ' AmatoShaun Montminy
Lost Worlds of the Guiana HighlandsBookStewart McPhersonStewart McPherson
Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume OneBookStewart McPhersonStewart McPherson
Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume TwoBookStewart McPhersonStewart McPherson
CP Presentations at ICPS Conference - Sydney Sep 2008CDAllen LowrieKenneth Sicard
LIFE, (Earth, Birds, Insects, Plants) 4 DVD setDVDBBCICPS conference
Nepenthes @ Borneo ExoticsDVDI & S HartmeyerICPS conference
Sarracenia, Endangered GemsDVDI & S HartmeyerICPS conference
Drosera, Snap-tentacles and Runway LightsDVDI & S HartmeyerICPS conference
On CP-Tour with Stewart McPhersonDVDI & S HartmeyerICPS conference
Triple "E" meets TriphyophyllumDVDI & S HartmeyerICPS conference
"Well Fed", (Recorded at ICPS conference)DVDUNKICPS conference
Technical articles on CP'sPapersRandom AuthorsKenneth Sicard
"The Bog" (large raised bog, construction, plantings)CDRareFind NurseryRareFind Nursery
The Savage Garden, Revised 2013BookPeter D ' AmatoNECPS Purchase
Darlingtonia, The California Pitcher PlantBookNatch GreyesNatch Greyes
The Native Orchids of the United States and CanadaBookCarlyle A. LuerJohnny Maiocchi
* Carnivorus PlantsBookAaron M. Ellison and Lubomir Adamec Aaron Ellison
* Denotes new additions



NECPS Library Policy

The loan period for all items including: books, magazines, and videos are 1 month with one renewal period. No renewals are allowed for books, magazines and videos on reserve.

All material will be stored at a secure location deemed by the library committee and confirmed by the Executive board.

Failure to bring back books within 2 months will result in loss of borrowing privileges!

Any member wishing to check out any NECPS library materials must present a valid membership number. Cards are not transferable. You are responsible for any materials checked out in your name.

NECPS library patrons may take out one (1) item, as they are willing to be responsible for. NECPS library patrons may sign up for one (1) additional book such that at the end of the meeting if no one has already signed up for the item you will be allotted to take that item for the duration until the next meeting. When there is a high demand for a particular item, there will be a limit of one (1) item per person. The only exception to the above rules are for approved functions by the Executive board that are sponsored by the NECPS may reserve any and all material providing a months notice is given to guarantee that material will be available.

The NECPS Library reserves the right to determine charges for lost or damaged materials and the right to deny borrowing privileges to anyone who has library materials overdue for more than two (2) months to the NECPS library or owes fines amounting to more than ten dollars ($10.00) from the NECPS. The NECPS library also reserves the right to deny borrowing privileges to any parent or guardian whose child and/or children have the above delinquencies. All material taken from the NECPS library is the responsibility of the NECPS library patrons. For one of a kind items NECPS library has the right to refrain from loaning the material and may keep it as a reference item to be viewed solely at meetings and functions.

The NECPS library is not responsible for damage to patron's DVD player that may result from damaged or defective discs.

The copyright proprietor has licensed the material contained in these DVD's for private home use only and prohibits other use, copying, reproduction, or performance in public, in whole or in part. (U.S. Code, Title 17, Sec. 501 & 506).



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